Sustainability in the Pioniergarten

Our goal is to promote sustainability in all entrepreneurial initiatives and thereby increase the number of sustainable startup projects, including Social- and Green-Entrepreneurship. In doing so, all three dimensions of sustainability - ecology, economy, and social aspects - are equally considered. They are integrated into all consulting and other support services provided by the Pioneer Garden.

Equality in this context also means that sustainability strategies are integrated into business models. We follow the definition by Iris Pufé (2014): 'Sustainability means not generating profits that then flow into environmental and social projects, but rather generating profits that are already environmentally and socially compatible.


Kontakt Hochschule Rottenburg

Katharina Dìaz Méndez Project collaborator +49 7472 951 104

Contact Reutlingen University

Thomas Rehmet Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship +49 7121 271-1082

Offerings in the field of sustainability

The Pioneer Garden offers aspiring entrepreneurs the additional opportunity to further their education in the field of sustainability through the University Seminar Series: 'Qualification in Sustainable Entrepreneurship' provided by Rottenburg University.

Through a series of seminars offered over the course of a year, students and other interested individuals can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to develop startups in the realms of Green- or Social- Entrepreneurship, or to address sustainability aspects within their entrepreneurial ventures.

Nachhaltigkeit Overview

Overview Nachhaltigkeit

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities


Collaboration and Networking Opportunities for Sustainability Experts in the Region

The Pioneer Garden also aims to actively promote the networking of sustainability experts from various industries in the region, making the diversity of the topic more visible and strengthening collective sustainability efforts. Become a part of our network and benefit from the latest knowledge inputs from the field of sustainability in academia. Increase your visibility and connect with like-minded individuals, find qualified talent, or share your expertise through our mentoring program.

Opportunities for cooperation for startups, companies, and institutions in the region:

  • Inclusion in the Expert Directory
  • Participation in the Mentoring Program
  • Opening your own business for a Sustainability Safari

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